The 2015 Jamboree was a huge success
and we look forward to seeing all of you again at the

JUNE 17, 18, 19

Featured Area Rides

Lamoille Canyon Lone Mountain Secret Pass If you'd like to explore some Nevada backcountry during the Jamboree, here are directions for three routes in the vicinity of Elko. These scenic byways capture the stark beauty of the state's northeastern terrain, a region of desert landscapes, narrow canyons and mountain vistas with inviting stops along the way for food and libations. The routes follow paved two-lane roads with speed limits between 35 and 75 mph. All routes begin at the corner of 5th Street and Idaho Street in downtown Elko. Trip times and distances are approximate. Should you wish to wander further afield, some scenic detours are noted in italics.

Wildlife in these parts includes Rocky Mountain big horn sheep, mountain goats, muledeer, jackrabbits, rabbits and gophers. Himalayan snowcocks, the endangered sage grouse and a variety of cliff-dwelling birds may also be seen. You'll be more apt to see wildlife at higher elevations where temperatures are cooler. Traveling in the early morning or early evening hours and on cloudy days will increase your chance of seeing wildlife. Take ordinary precautions for rural riding, such as looking out for an occasional tumbleweed, small creatures scurrying across the road and falling rock in marked places along narrow canyons.

Should the unwelcome visitor, the Mormon cricket, happen to descend on the Elko area during the Jamboree, these routes may be difficult to pass because they tend to cover sections of the roads. You may want to inquire with the locals before heading out on a ride.

Lamoille Canyon | Lone Mountain | Secret Pass