Behind The Fun And Tasty Flavors, There Could Be Something Bad

Electronic cigarettes have our attention! Everywhere we go, there is somebody vaping or an article about how much better they are for you than traditional cigarettes.

And they come in assorted flavors like bubble gum, cherry, pine, and a host of other flavors. Those flavors may smell good and taste good, but that doesn’t make electronic cigarette vaping safe.

Evidence and results of research and studies tells us that the new generations are being exposed to the nicotine addiction because of electronic cigarettes. If they are indeed healthier for us, than how is that possible?  Apparently, it is encouraging them to smoke if they didn’t already and no matter how you partake in tobacco use, it is harmful to your health.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered and heat the flavored liquid up by way of a battery. That liquid may or may not contain nicotine which has other chemicals such as glycerin and propylene glycol in addition to the flavoring you choose. The good point about electronic cigarettes is they do not deliver nicotine or tar like traditional cigarettes do. But they are classified as a tobacco product.

A Rapid Growth In 10 Years

In just 10 years, electronic cigarettes grew into a multibillion-dollar industry. They started out online only but soon became available at your local big box stores, c-stores, and they have their own shops now called vape shops.

While there is advertising that promote electronic cigarettes as a cool way to help quit smoking, touting them as a harmless alternative to traditional cigarettes, they do have a bad side too.

They Are Not Nicotine-Free

Many believe that electronic cigarettes are nicotine-free and that is incorrect. You can customize how much nicotine you’re filling up your e-cig with, but when it comes to the teenagers, it has proven to increase the odds of them using cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Water Vapor Is Not Harmless

A big selling feature of e-cigarettes is the harmless water vapor they generate instead of the smoke that traditional cigarettes to. What you may not realize, that vapor is essentially an aerosol full of flavoring, nicotine, and other toxic ingredients. Some flavorings may contain cinnamaldehyde which has been connected to coughs and sore throats experienced by vapors.

Secondhand and Thirdhand Dangers

Electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke from a lit end like traditional cigarettes, producing emissions side streamed between puffs. But they do create secondhand and thirdhand dangers as a user exhales the vapor. That vapor has been found to have over 30 chemicals, some that are toxic, such as acrolein, formaldehyde, and even carcinogen. The higher the voltage to power the e-cig, the higher the concentration that is emitted.

Exploding Batteries

Between 2009 and 2016, there were over 100 reports of exploding electronic cigarette explosion or fires according to the FDA. There is proper care required for battery safety that every user should be aware of and follow.

Flavoring Is Poisonous When Swallowed

The poison control centers saw an increase in calls about young children swallowing e-liquids that are meant for electronic cigarettes. The fruity, sweet smells can entice young people and just like anything, care should be taken in making sure that they are not easily reached by the children.