Surprising Facts That You Need To Know About E-Cigarettes

The use of electronic cigarettes have been on the market for about ten years, and until now, it is still a popular choice for both smokers and non-smokers.However, this is also controversial due to the studies that have been released from researchers. The question remained if the use of e-cigarette is safe to use or not? Is it beneficial or not? These are mainly asked questions from people who are interested to know more about what electronic cigarettes can do.

Electronic cigarettes are potentially said to be less harmful than the conventional type of cigarettes. This also shows that if you are an excessive smoker and find it hard to control your smoking pattern, the use of e-cigarette is a good choice for you. Although this can only be an alternative option for you to stop smoking and at the same time relieve the level of stress from work some people still find it useful. Moreover, to get to know about electronic cigarettes, here are the following facts that you need to know.

1. It is not risk-free- generally, it has been agreed that the use of e-cigarette is less harmful even if there is no evidence that it is safe to use. However, there are particular research suggest that if continuous use may lead to the following reasons such as damage to the brain and heart, development of a cancerous tumor, cause of preterm deliveries and congenital disabilities for pregnant women.

2. It contains nicotine that is highly addictive and a great health risk- although there are certain levels that nicotine is infused in the liquid juices and could lead to possible addiction. If electronic cigarettes are sold to minors, this can be a big problem. Keep in mind that it is irreversible as soon as a person becomes addicted to the drug. Moreover, this could be a potential cause for an individual to use other products that contain nicotine.

3. The method of quitting smoking-perhaps most people would think that it is a choice to use the electronic cigarette as means of quitting smoking.

4. It is not only smokers that are using the device- The influence of e-cigarette spread widely even to those who have not smoke a cigarette in their entire lifetime.

5. Prohibited places- even if the place is considered to be a non-smoking area but because the use of vape displays a stigma that it doesn’t cause harmful effects to people in the surroundings. The result is that people may somehow have the exposure to nicotine which is not a good idea.

6. It can affect brain development and function-while adults are busy puffing out their electronic cigarettes in front of their teens, this can may let them have the impulsion to purchase an item for their own experience. As mentioned, there are no specific benefits that you can gain from using e-cigarettes, but this may cause malfunctioning of the brain. Younger individuals should not be exposed to nicotine at an early age.

7. It is not approved by the FDA- these products have long been studied and are still in the proposal of approval. But for the meantime, the Department of Food and Drug Administration has not provided any means of approval whether e-cigarettes are good for the health or not.

In conclusion, the use of vape or e-cigarettes would depend on the risk that you’d like to take. There are a variety of options for you to choose and it is up to your decision whether you’d go for an electronic cigarette as your means of alternative way of quitting smoking. Perhaps, you can have other options of doing other methods of quitting smoking.