Vaping – What You May Not Know About This New Phenomenon

The definition and meaning of the word “vaping” is the act of inhaling vapor that is produced by an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. Electronic cigarettes are a device that is powers a coil inside an atomizer. That transforms a substance called e-juice into a vapor that is inhaled by the user.

The e-juice is a mixture of PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) and is poured into the atomizer. Most users add flavorings with the e-juice and some add a customized amount of nicotine.

Over the past few years, vaping has become a hot popular topic which has ignited a debate that has ever existed in the history of public health. You’ll find stories in almost any magazine, newspaper, and a topic on TV news shows.

There are approximately 10 million Americans that currently are vaping and within that group, there are over 2 million that have quit smoking altogether. Worldwide the estimated number of vapers is around 30 million.

An Interesting Story

The story of vaping is one of true free-market capitalism. Some see it as a response to a consumer health crisis which the government hasn’t intervened yet. You could even consider vaping to be a revolutionary, user-driven technology. Then again, it could be looked up as a combination of all three!


Is there a correlation of vaping’s popularity and smoking’s decline? The more vaping has been exposed, the less doubt and the less fear the public has. Vaping has a different meaning to everyone.

For somebody that has tried many times to quit, it is a hopeful way to help them quit. They are looking to feel better and improve their life by quitting what has seen as a nasty habit. For those who work in the public health sector, they are hopeful that electronic cigarettes offer them a way to enjoy nicotine and not suffer health consequences that tradition cigarettes leave.

Electronic Cigarettes Have Various Looks

There are vapor products that look similar to traditional cigarettes and are referred to as “cigalikes” and others are bigger in size. The cigalike is chosen by many because they are usually sold next to traditional cigarettes and are available at less expense.

The term electronic cigarette  doesn’t refer explicitly to the small cigalikes, but most people use that terminology. Any vaping device can be referred to as an e-cigarette. Other terminology associated with this is mod, PV (personal vaporizer), and vape. It was the earlier users of the e-cig that originated the term mod and who modified the earlier style of e-cigs for better functioning.

Those Who Use Electronic Cigarettes

Vapers are those who use electronic cigarettes found that they could add flavoring to the e-juice for a more enjoyable experience. Candy and fruit are the most popular, and even with all the negativity about them, many current vapers use to be smokers. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes, the popularity of traditional cigarettes has declined, among adults and children.

Vaping has proven not to be as dangerous to our health, such as cancer. There are some risks, but from the research and studies done, the good appears to outweigh the bad. Electronic cigarettes do not have the same mixture of chemicals and compounds that traditional cigarettes do, thus the risks are fewer.